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HOUSE OF HEARTLAND is home to services and offerings with Writer, Wellness Industry Consultant and Healing Arts Practitioner – Rachel Lyn. Integrative tools for nourishment, healing & artful living with community. As we feel, heal and reclaim ourselves, we are better able to partner with all aspects of life, personally and professionally.

Under one roof, House of Heartland is a space that holds editorial projects for wellness, nutrition and lifestyle – both created for industry partners as well as just for the House of Heartland community – in addition to Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching for women who experience body image anxiety as well as body healing + restorative massage sessions.

Hybrid packages are available for clients to up-level and combine health coaching with massage and body care for optimal results and nurturance.

Services, sessions and offerings with Rachel Lyn encourage connection to the parts of ourselves that need nurturing. Intention is held to normalize conversation of daily – and acute – stress and anxiety to remember inner power.

A journal offering of wellbeing tools, notes from travel and being in nature as well as posts on freelance editorial and industry projects illustrate what you can access in 1:1 body healing sessions, editorial services and integrative nutrition + health coaching.

The body & massage integrative healing sessions hold roots in Ayurvedic bodywork, Swedish massage, CranioSacral therapy, western herbalism, breathwork & meditation, fascial work, reiki and vital energy point therapy.

A Note from Rachel Lyn:


As a woman (she/her) who has experienced anxiety, stress, body image and disordered eating throughout life, I’m on a path of nurturance and alignment with the systems of life as a daily guide. Honoring bio-individuality and promoting comfort within while transforming personal connection and deepening self-love through nourishment of mind, body and spirit.

Deep restoration and multi-level nourishment are cornerstones of what I promote by way of my offerings. A grounding and nurturing environment, my practice in Seward, Minneapolis – whether in-person or virtual – the vibe is here to support you. Thank you for being here.

Be well,

Rachel Lyn

B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication

Licensed Massage Therapist

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner

Ayurvedic Body Treatment Certification