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Essential Self Love Program

OUR DAILY LIVES are consistent with the need for our energy to be put towards outside tasks, work and people in our community, household and careers. Whether it be work or home life, our selfcare practices and connection to selflove are the first to fall to the wayside when stress, anxiety and busyness go into higher gear. Stress and anxiety are all around us, most of the energies we hold onto do not even belong to us.

We have a choice to find new rhythms that allow you to create space to focus on your own connection to self. Reclaim yourself. It’s time to replenish and receive from your own vital life force.

Join me for 6 months of transformation, discovery and nourishment for mind, body and spirit. Registration is limited to a few clients. Reach out directly to partake on this unique journey.

The Essential Self Love Program is strategically curated for accountability and support to focus on YOU.

Nourish from within and find your voice:• Grow intuition to listen to your body

• Feel more and think less

• Connect to your physical body here and now

• Glow into your radiance

• Connect to the truth of who you are

• Empower yourself

• Initiate healing your gut to find your intuitive center

• Step into your power

• Deep forgiveness, vulnerability and nourishment for life’s process

• Initiate transformation

• Activate your innate ability to heal from within.


We will look at science and spirituality. The modern and ancient practices and guidance to find the tools that serve you best.


  • Beauty foods and nutrition for radiance

  • Curated and custom guidance for nutrition and foods that fit your own bio-individuality and lifestyle

  • Skin care practices that bring your glow

  • Ancient practices for detoxification, restoration and hydration

  • Physical and emotional tools for grounding and transformation


One on One:

Every two weeks, we connect virtually one-on-one for:

• Create goals and accountability setting for the program and upcoming week

• Connect on nutrition and home cooking strategy

• Take a deeper look into body image, anxiety and gut healing

• Guided mini-meditation with breathwork and energy healing

• Explore observations and reflections

• Receive VIP support for your process

• Schedule + Details

Schedule and Details

12 one-on-one 60 minute virtual sessions per month for 6 months

Wednesdays or Saturdays, we find a time to connect for consistency once registered

* You’ll receive post-session emails with links to resources, recipes, articles and homework following each session to use as your guide

Concierge level support in between sessions for accountability and collaboration

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